Dear friends

Maison Paulette has closed.
An end is always a beginning, so please find me here:

Enjoy TableTales – a place where art, food and beauty comes together.
Sorry for the English speaking – WEB and BLOG will be in German. Anyhow, feedback, ideas, suggestions or personal table-tales are always welcome, whether in English, German or French.

Many thanks for your interest! 

My best,

Liebe Freunde

Maison Paulette schließt die Toren.
Bekanntlich ist ein Ende auch ein Anfang – ab sofort findet ihr mich hier:

Viel Spaß mit TableTales – Geschichten rund um den Tisch. Zum essen. Zum weitererzählen. Zum genießen.

Ich freue mich über Feedback, Ideen, Anregungen und natürlich über persönliche Tisch-Geschichten!

Vielen Dank!


1 comment:

  1. Hello, Iris!

    I really like your picture "Les Voix intérieures". I found it to Pinterest, and then found your blog and am very glad that I can write to you.
    I'm interested in cross-stitch, I have a blog with my work http://yohoshhh.blogspot.com/
    I also like to do most schemes for cross stitch, and I post them for free on his blog.
    I made a chart of your drawing "Les Voix intérieures" and I want to embroider it.
    I ask for your permission to post in the blog of the scheme on your drawing to everyone who wants to, can embroider.
    I certainly will post information about you, your blog, drawings, authorship.
    Please forgive my English, I used Google translator.

    Best regards.